Fields of Work

Ashoka supports ideas and develops initiatives in every field of human need, from microfinance to water management to children's health. Much of our work around the globe falls into six major fields - civic engagement, economic development, health, human rights, environment, and learning/education - although we recognize that many new ideas cut across multiple fields or aim to create new ones.
Led by the work of our Fellows, we strive to define and advance the innovations in each field, challenging old methods and investing in new strategies with the potential for long-lasting systemic change.


Civic Engagement: Ashoka Fellows and initiatives effectively organize and amplify the voices of citizens, empowering a culture of participation. Learn more>>

Economic Development: By expanding economic opportunities, strengthening bargaining power, and developing markets that are more responsive to the poor, Ashoka Fellows and initiatives are creating economic independence for individuals around the globe. Learn more>>

Environment: Creating broad solutions that protect the environment while also tackling closely linked social problems is the core mission of Ashoka's sustainable environmental efforts. Learn more>>

Health : Ashoka Fellows are improving the quality of human health worldwide by strengthening health care delivery systems, increasing access to essential medicines, and establishing public-private partnerships that foster health equity. Learn more>>
Human Rights: Around the world, Ashoka supports innovations that secure the full range of civil, political, and social rights for all people. Learn more>>

Learning/Education:  Ashoka supports the development of new methods for learning and education that engage youth in the learning process. Ashoka Fellows' innovations develop schools, curriculum and programs that encourage problem solving, decision making, responsibility, teamwork and creativity. Learn more>>