Ashoka’s Fellowship is an international community of more than 3,000 social entrepreneurs. The Fellowship is an incredible network of individuals, citizen sector organizations and powerful allies. Ashoka elects Fellows at various stages of their lifecycle as social entrepreneurs, from early launch Fellows just getting an innovative idea off the ground and beginning to see its social impact, to Senior Fellows who have achieved national impact and made a "scratch on history" with their idea at the time of election. The Ashoka Fellowship program offers network and strategic support for its members throughout their careers as social entrepreneurs.

Using a social venture capital approach, we invest in social entrepreneurs in two ways:
financially and professionally (in their professional development) by bringing them inside our Global Fellowship:

  • Financially: We make a financial investment (in the Individual) by providing a living stipend (or salary) for three years. This enables them to focus exclusively on their vision and expanding their model/ new idea.
  • Professionally: By electing them as Ashoka Fellows and making them a part of our global network of more than 3, 000 leading social entrepreneurs.

*  This network consists of programs that foster their collaboration and provide access to resources i.e. private and   social sector to spread their new ideas/ models.
*  Also, the global network  provides a range of professional services that give them skills, information, and contacts so that they build long-term sustainability.