Ashoka U

Ashoka U envisions a world where universities help develop social entrepreneurship. Its mission is to give students access to resources, role models, learning opportunities and necessary support to develop their potential as changemakers.

We work to promote and speed up teaching, research and action for social entrepreneurship. We support universities to set up a new standard of excellence in the field.

Ashoka’s unparalleled network and its expertise in social entrepreneurship provide a successful platform for our partner universities. Ashoka has the advantage of being able to share examples of both systemic change solutions and promotion of social entrepreneurs with the academic sector. Since co-founding the Red de Universidades para el Emprendimiento Social (University Network for Social Entrepreneurship) in 2005, Ashoka U has spearheaded social entrepreneurship in the academic field.

Changemaker Campus Consortium

Launched in 2008, the Changemaker Campus Consortium currently consists of 14 campuses including the ITESM campus in Guadalajara: Mexico’s first Changemaker Campus. During 2011, the consortium began its global expansion to broaden the network of universities spearheading education advances for social entrepreneurship. Ashoka works with teams of entrepreneur students and faculty members to speed up their growth as centers of social innovation.